About Us

One of the success mantras of MEDVIZZ has been FOCUS and we are determined to embrace many aspects and logical expansion models evident on the horizon of medical field in order to aid in the delivery of up-to- date and USMLE-relevant coaching.

How We Have Reached Here

We have been in operation since 2005 and have successfully coached many medical students,
desirous of migrating to USA, and many have secured very good marks in all the Steps.
We have also prepared students for PLAB (for UK) and other licensing exams of Australia, Canada, etc.

We came into existence to impart, to students preparing for USMLE, conceptually strong and exam
relevant coaching using practically-tested coaching methodology. We lay stress on laying a strong
foundation by giving a comprehensive knowledge of basic Non-Clinical Subjects and teach Clinical
Subjects in a very effective but easy to understand manner. Now we have become one of the
premier branded product.

We are continuously in the process of making our institute a quality institution where USMLE
preparation is imparted with Dedication, Passion, and Commitment and to Produce Results as well
as make students better and more confident doctors.

One of the success mantras of MEDVIZZ has been FOCUS and we are determined to embrace many
aspects and logical expansion models evident on the horizon of medical field in order to aid in the
delivery of up-to- date and USMLE-relevant coaching.

We want our medical students to become successful, highly respected and appreciated medical
professionals through 4 ‘C’s - Clarity, Comprehension, Competition and Clinical & Non-Clinical Thoroughness.

We provide The ‘Definitive’ Difference by believing in being different than other institutions and
organizations through we deliver. Our constant endeavour has been to prove to possess the decisive
difference from the competition in terms of quality, structure, range, scope, treatment, content and staff.


While majority prefer teaching in a didactic manner (covering only the theory part), we deal with clinical case scenarios that a student will actually see in the exam.

We provide exam cracking strategies and case based approach which enhances your cognitive abilities in terms of diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment.

Another big advantage with our program is you can easily identify the buzz words and clues given in a case scenario and also
eliminate the bouncers and distractors in a given question.

All these will create a lot of difference in the final scores and percentile.


Our Vision is to make MEDVIZZ emerge as a premier center for USMLE PREPARATION in the country. And we want to achieve that by striving for excellence in all that we do, seeking to encourage, support and deliver high quality teaching which is at the cutting edge internationally.

Our Vision is to make MEDVIZZ an organization which is successful and has the potential and capability to Touch, Heal and Help, directly or indirectly, a large number of people by producing doctors who clear USMLE with high scores and get trained to be knowledgeable doctors with an enviable expertise.


Our Mission signifies a conscious & committed effort to leverage ‘education’ as a means of empowerment for students. We seek to fulfil the need for creating special avenues for students to pursue their academic aspirations and enable them to assert their Individuality, Intellectual Capability, and Economic Independence and Social Standing.


Our Values makes us committed to the highest standards of Honesty, Integrity, Openness and Professionalism in all of our activities. We engage with the students, respecting and valuing diversity of perspectives and seek to disseminate Our Knowledge, Teaching Concepts and Methodology to enhance the quality of USMLE Coaching.

MEDVIZZ is a dynamic and enterprising organization, and we are not constrained by traditional, departmental, specialty or professional boundaries and we seek to develop new paradigms by working together with likeminded organizations and individuals across multiple disciplines.


Our quality policy is drafted to engage in imparting Quality Education in the field of Medicine in general and USMLE in particular.
We aim to be an institute of excellence in Technical Education through continual improvement.
The institute facilitates Faculty & Support Staff to work as a team & update their Knowledge & Skills, to match the development.


Our Faculty is experienced and well-versed with USMLE pattern. Our Lecturers are Knowledgeable, Possessing Strong Command on subjects, Good Communicators, Dedicated, Dynamic and Friendly.

Why MEDVIZZ is the Best Choice!

Highly experienced faculty group

Well-devised course material

Student friendly teaching methodology

Professionally produced animation explains the concepts better

Detailed explanation of topics

Students can contact the tutors for any doubts at any time.

Regular exams

Our Strengths at a Glance

We teach you and only you during our tutoring session(s).

With focus on individual attention, it helps us to assess your strengths and weaknesses and determine the best strategy to help you reach your goal.

Keys to YOUR SUCCESS are:

Appropriate time management. We work together to create a dynamic schedule focused on your needs.

Our experience in leading teams and projects help in creating the best study plan.

Our experience in understanding various student personality types and

Our knowledge of what approach is most effective in dealing with a particular individual.

Keys to questions that "give away” wrong (or right) answers.

Getting quick, customized help for any doubt about coaching you have.

Our customized study plan helps in saving your time from useless activities in study guides.

A systematic analysis and breakdown into "plain language" of how to de-construct and master each problem.

Our 5-step process that uses a "phased" approach to the use of study aids and practice tests.

The Top 20 things you should take care of within 24 hours of your test.

How to prevent wrong answers from "polluting" your mind.

How to tell the difference between right answers and clever-sounding traps.

Our "benchmark" method for deciding which answer choice to pick.

How random bits of information often "give away" the right answer in questions.

How to "milk the question" for clues to the right answer even if you have no idea what it is asking about.

We offer a systematic method that will serve as a "lifeline" instead of panicking at not knowing an answer.

The secret to using contextual clues to make important distinctions between right and wrong answer choices.

Learn how to group your answer choices into "families" that often narrows down the pool of correct answers.

What MEDVIZZ does for USMLE Steps

Detailed Explanation to master the subjects – both Clinical & Non-Clinical. This gives the students more chances to solve more questions correctly.

Detailed teaching helps in making the basics strong for a strong foundation. Our teaching allows us to cover more than 80-90% of the questions asked.

We cover the non-clinical aspect of systems first and then teach clinical subjects and topics.

Logical, Methodical and Strategically Designed teaching helps in understanding the subjects in a much better way and helps in laying a strong foundation.
E.g. we teach the Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology of Cardio Vascular System (CVS) and then teach Surgery and Internal Medicine.
Such teaching helps in understanding of the subject in a much better manner and allows the students to absorb
and remember the important concepts in a much superior and effective manner.

Our classes are conducted regularly and on time

We finish off the course in time thus allowing the students ample time to do self- revision

What MEDVIZZ Does Extra for You to Get Your Residency Application Accepted


Once a student gets in touch with us personally we forward his or her request for Electives to our associate partners in USA and arrange for studying the same at a US Medical College.

We do not give any guarantee for US Visa. But we can guide the student in the best possible manner. We suggest the student takes electives and clear his or her USMLE Step 2 CS in one trip to US itself. Moreover, if you have already taken either of USMLE Step 1 or USMLE Step 2 CK exam then chances of getting a US Visa increase manifold.
Once again, no one can give you guarantee.

Externship and Observership.

We, through our association with our esteemed and highly experienced partners, arrange for Externship and Observership.

We bring the “Definitive” difference in your preparations for various competitive exams. We are determined to set benchmarks in field of Medical Education.