What Defines Our USMLE Coaching Program
(USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK)

Transformation is the default nature of everything that wants to better itself at every stage of its existence. Fortunately, we, at Medvizz, as an organization, have always believed in transforming the way USMLE coaching is traditionally given for both USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK and improving it all the time, both in its content as well as in its delivery.
From instilling confidence in few individual students and disseminating to them the right knowledge for cracking USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK super-successfully to formally conducting USMLE coaching classes at Medvizz, it has been a wonderful journey in the art of honest tutoring and training of minds. USMLE Success Stories do not happen by chance.

Career Guidance

We equip you with tools and knowledge to select the most apt stream of medicine.

Exam Prep Training

We have a tested system of checking exam-preparedness of our students.

Q-bank Access

Our continuously updated questions mimicking USMLE prepares for the real test.

USMLE Counseling

Our integrated counseling set up widens and strengthens your residency application.

Online Classes

Through latest online tools we transfer our experiential expertise to master USMLE.

Extra Benefits

We assist you to take Electives/ Observership/ Externship in USA.

What Makes Us Different

 Over the years, we have built our reputation in aiding your USMLE exam preparation by devising best USMLE preparation course. We are not only giving exhaustive cum customized USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK coaching through live lecture classes but successfully delivering quality USMLE online coaching through webinars. By being in sync with the changing dynamics of education and by catering to tech-savvy students, we are creating many more USMLE success stories by giving them hassle-free education.

Teaching Methods

We deal with clinical case scenarios instead of teaching in a didactic manner by covering theory part alone.

Our Strategy

Our exam cracking strategies and case based approach enhances your cognitive abilities.

Easy and Comfortable

Through our program it is easy to identify the buzz words and clues given in a case scenario.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach and adherence to USMLE pattern creates huge difference in final scores.

Time Duration

Our USMLE Coaching Program is of 10-weeks duration.

Being Decisive

Our program eliminates the bouncers and distractors in a given question.

Online Q-bank

Access to wide-ranging online USMLE Q-bank will boost your ability to think in a trained, logical and educated manner.

Customer Support

A quick resolution of your doubts by an informed online faculty available 24x7.

What Makes Us Successful

Keeping pace with the technological innovations and digital revolution taking place at a rapid pace across the globe, we at Medvizz are now fully geared to reach the heart and mind of students and give them what they truly deserve – best USMLE preparation course delivered in an attractively vivid manner to increase their understanding of medicine in its purest form.


Giving proper orientation to approach USMLE with poise.


A compendious timetable to master time and subjects.


Imparting knowledge deftly and precisely with passion.


Aiding preparation and introspection to progress surely.


Get benefacted and improve chances for the ultimate goal.


Track progress, practice more and get desired result.

USMLE Result Statistics

Our outstanding results, year after year, quantifies our qualitative approach toward USMLE coaching. It proves the soundness of our approach towards USMLE success.







Factors Behind Our Success

Key Reason for High Pass Percentage

The thoroughness in our approach in pursuit of Residency starts with logical understanding of essential medical concepts.

Why We Excel More in USMLE Step 2 CK

The fundamental and intrinsic approach to USMLE Step 1 preparation leads to innate cognizance of cracking USMLE Step 2 CK.

Succes Due To Tie-up With Right Partners

Our training program is designed punctiliously and makes our students master in sync the essential requirements for clearing the exam successfully.

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Our Partners

Our successful associations and partnerships are built on a shared devotion to raise the level of excellence in the field of medical education.
This has allowed us to evolve purely professional relationships to superior value-based involvement in raising the standard of USMLE coaching.
This has made it possible for us to increase the chances of students successfully getting the residentship.